Mixing Sealants

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Probably orf to ze Alps in August, and will be taking my DA50 tubular wheels. I've decided to take these over my Cosmic Carbone Elites (narrower version of the 40), even thought the carbon Elites have the fancy aluminium heat sink built-in to the rim bed and hook.

Against my usual preference for NOT pre-filling nice tubulars (Conti Comps), with sealant, I am going to for the trip as I'd (hopefully), like to avoid farting about removing/ replacing glued-on tubs out on the road.

So...if I put some Stans latex sealant in the tubs, I'd like to take a back-up can of Pit Stop or similar in case the sealant doesn't "work". Question is, how would the two react together if mixed? Pretty sure Pit Stop is latex based anyway, so shouldn't be an issue, right?

I know some will say if the first line of defense has failed, it's unlikely lobbing a load more in there will do any good, but be interested to hear any real-life similar experiences. And of course, yes I probably should take a spare tub, but not sure I can be bothered lugging one around with me. Side wall tears or similar are of course a possibility, but I'll air on the side of optimism :?