BB86.5 removal

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Hey all,

Any suggestions for a decent home made solution for removing an 86.5 BB? Paying over £35 for a tool I'm likely to use once seems ludicrous, especially since I already bought a BB removal tool for my last bike (used once), then bought a bike with a different type of BB...

I tried the simple version of a thick wooden dowl and whack it with a hammer - no joy.



  • thistle_
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    Do you want to remove just the bearing or the bearing cups?

    On my BB30 there was a circlip hidden behind the bearing which needed removing before you could knock them out...
  • keef66
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    Think you need something metal rather than wood to transmit the whacking force to where it's needed, otherwise you're on the right lines. Just make sure the BB shell is well supported.

    I have a very large flat bladed screwdriver which I have earmarked for just this job if my pressfit BB ever needs replacing.
  • sandyballs
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    Having done this several times without the correct tool I can confirm it takes a fair whack to move them, always used some old metal tubing and laid the frame across my legs making sure if the tube goes through it’s not going to get your legs or boy garden.