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seat dropper DH TT??

bogelridebogelride Posts: 7
edited July 2019 in Road general
Didn't see TT forum section so apologies if this is out of place...

I do a couple of specialty downhill road time trials..speeds mid to high 50's mph. Spin out of gears and too fast for me to stay in aerobars- so i find myself trying to get as low as possible on the bullhorns. After some mtbike descents on the road (shortcut home when late), i realized how much faster I was with dropping the seatpost.

Why not have a seat dropper post on this descent? Straight, with very few gradual turns. I can no longer pedal at that speed and I feel safer out of the aerobars and closer to brakes bc anything can happen (other participants, a deer! other hazards).


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