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Can't believe nobody's started this yet, so let's get going:
Really smashing scenery.

Just switched on to see after this comment, and it wasn't quite what I was expecting. Was an advert for holidays in Almeria.


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    ddraver wrote:
    No one's mentioned Alaphillipe yet?

    Probably a bit difficult to slip into a break wearing yellow.

    I dunno, just do it going Schtop Schtop Schtop, Ik find haaring echt lekker, Warr is die Fiestje? and everyone might just assume your a lost Lotto Jumbo rider...
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    Riders currently enjoying a Sunday afternoon toodle, but anything could happen at the back end.

    Just ask Tom Dumoulin.
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    Temporally specific this one but...
    RichN95 wrote:
    Gweeds wrote:
    Imagine being dim enough to send 4th on GC back for water bottles on a day with crosswinds.

    Not a good 24 hours for Kiwis. :(
    His GC challenge is super over?
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    Ha ha ha ha the Jumbo dinner table is going to be interesting this evening.

    George Bennett will be serving the drinks.

    Sort of comment that registers on the Scoville scale.
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    Pross wrote:
    mamil314 wrote:
    'Max Schachmann has made to the finishing line, but with great difficulty...'

    At last, a race experience I can share with a pro cyclist.
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    ShutupJens wrote:
    DeadCalm wrote:
    This quote from Movistar manager Eusebio Unzué made me chuckle.

    "We knew this strategy would give us a real measure of how we’re going, and we’ve found that out."

    When I was racing, if I was sat in the bunch not struggling to hold on or anything, I used to attack to see how the legs felt, usually within the first quarter or so of the race. If I was going well I might stay out for a few miles, if I was going badly I would get caught and often shelled fairly soon after

    It won't surprise many people to know that my best results started to come when I stopped doing that
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    I felt there was a general high quality of posting this year, which possibly made finding stand-out posts difficult. This years Post of The Tour thread doesn't reflect that there were loads of good posts that were worth a nomination.

    This made me giggle though:
    Sagan and Nibs taking the wee-wee out of Bardet's shorts.

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    This one made me spit my tea out!
    This is the longest turn on the front Kwiato has done all tour.
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    Did I miss the team classification presentation? Damn!

    They couldn't do it.
    Half the team were at the podium, but the other half had gone up the road.
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    BS with a late entry to win the Tour

    And people complain about no attacking on the last day!!
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