Crown race without chamfer on fork side

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As per the title, I am looking for a crown race with no chamfer on the fork side. Does anyone know of one please?

I have just bought a Stiletto UMS light fork, and its got a very narrow lip for supporting the crown race. I have had a look at a Cane Creek 40 which I had sitting around, and its got a chamfer which means the race will not sit square on the lip, but the chamfer will be resting on the lip and potentially destroy the lip.


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    Looks like you need an aerocover that's installed on the forks before the crown race is fitted -so the crown race rests on the aerocover rather than the fork. I've no experience using this.
  • Thanks, but I have an aero cover. Its just a carbon fibre shroud, and its not structural. I am looking for a crown race without chamfer.
  • I know its an ec34 type headset, my problem is that a Cane Creek race has a bevelled edge where it marries up with the steerer.

    The bevel is large enough/the lip on the fork crown is small enough that its possible that the crown will work its way over the edge.

    I need to find a crown race which does not have a bevel/chamfer on the underside. The alternative I guess will be for me to take a standard Cane Creek fork crown and have the bevel machined back to flat.
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  • Not to worry. I discussed this with an engineer neighbour who said the bevel on the lower part of the crown race is essential. The lip on the fork will have a radius on it to avoid stress risers. Putting a crown race without a bevel on it would lead to the fork being damaged. So, no issue with the bevel on the crown race.