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Tire bulging

kovacsakovacsa Posts: 44
edited July 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Hey All, Does anyone know of a sure fire way to keep a tire from bulging while being inflated with a floor pump? I seem to have an issue with bulging in one spot of my tires. These are the tires at 35mm, ... ss-king-cx I have two tires at that size that bulge. The 32mm ones do not bulge. The bulge is not huge, but is noticeable when eyeing it. Any ideas?



  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,398
    I don't see a bulge, but I do see a rim that's radially out of true. You can see the inside of the rim moving in and out by looking at the drawers behind it. True the wheel and the 'bulge' will probably go away.
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,707
    I agree with whyamihere. There is a definite buckle in the rim. The larger volume of the 35mm tyre exaggerates it more than a 32mm tyre probably.
    To be sure it is the rim and not the tyre mark the tyre and rim where you see the bulge, let the tyre down, rotate it on the rim by 90degrees and then re-inflate. Now see if the bulge is in the same place relative to the rim or has moved.
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  • david7mdavid7m Posts: 636
    100% rim issue.
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