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Quark DZero power meter

gleaneygleaney Posts: 32
edited July 2019 in Road general
Hi all. I wonder if there’s someone whom can shed a bit of light on an issue.
I’ve got a Quark DZero red power meter and today I tried to update the firmware from 7 to the current firmware 10. I’ve been using the app Qalvin BLE. It eventually did update the firmware to 10. However I’m under the impression that all firmware is now to be done through the new app SRAM AXS. Is this correct ? The quark web site is a little poor.
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  • step83step83 Posts: 4,170
    The older Quarq units from what I gather are done through Qalvin. The AXS app needs the "brain" rear mech to control its other devices.
  • pauly69pauly69 Posts: 101
    Correct, the AXS app will do dzero PM's; having said that if the old Qalvin BLE app works too then there's nothing to be gained. Just in case tho, it's kinda pointless using the Qalvin app so just get the AXS one in case Qalvin stops picking up further updates.
  • gleaneygleaney Posts: 32
    That’s brilliant. Thanks for the advice.
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