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Be careful in the heat...

ridgeway_swissridgeway_swiss Posts: 146
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Got caught out on Sunday morning with the heat. Went out early for me (7am) as i knew it would be hot. Took a full bottle and knew where i could refill on the way so no issues with fluids, however what i didn't reckon on was A) forgetting my skull cap (sun noggin protector thingy), B) the sun being on my shoulders more than i had thought and C) stopping for 30mins to help another cyclist with a mechanical issue = the heat increased just that bit more.

On the last 20km coming in (ride was 130km with 1700m of climbing) i felt totally zonked and much much more than i should of done as i have now done this same ride several times. No wind excuses, no tired legs from the day before etc but something wasn't right....

Got home, cooled off in the freezing pool (it was 18º) and realised that i had got a bit of sun stroke, nothing major but enough to make me feel very sorry for myself.

I had naively thought that if i go out early enough and get back by say 12 o'clock that i'd miss the searing sun, how wrong was i !!!

Take care out there in the sun and don't forget your noggin sun protector thingy, especially if you're a baldy fella like me :oops:


  • MidnightMidnight Posts: 80
    I made a mistake

    my son and I went back to cycling the weekend in the sun, he is 23 I am 62, we are both Autistic, Aspergers (not stupid), but really dumb.

    He refused to wear sun cream, we were both out for JUST ONE hour, his arms were really burned.

    Me on the way back, only along a coast easy Swansea ride, but AGAINST the wind, I was really bad, yes, heat stroke, or very close, had to sit down a lot, felt ill.

    We are not what you would call cyclists, just enjoy a ride along the coast.

  • Have you considered not riding when its that hot? Or maybe riding slower or a shorter distance?

    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • First.AspectFirst.Aspect Posts: 13,706
    Don't run with scissors.
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