Stages power meter / potential other options?

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Not sure if this will open up a can of worms.

I'm thinking of buying a power meter and have been looking at the left arm Stages Power Meter (can't afford LR). With Wiggle I can get the Ultegra one for just under £400 so wouldn't want to go much more above that. I'm not 100% set on getting one, I think it could help me and find it quite interesting.

I've only ridden to power on a Wattbike Atom, so it would be new to me on a road bike.

Does anybody have and feedback on what the Stages PM is like and are there any good alternative options?



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    I paid ~£340 for a 4iiii 105 just over a year ago, £280 today where I got mine ... 73315.html

    Or spend £20 more on the Ultegra crank option ... 73319.html

    I think there was a limited promo price of ~£200 during the UK winter, when they will be in low demand.

    Both will fit, if your crankset is Hollowtech II, the Ultegra crank might literally be a few grams lighter.
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    ive got a stages meter on every bike i own.... The early ones were prone to failure but were replaced within a couple of days. the latter ones seem mint. no problems at all.

    I have no issue with the l/r issue it just opens another avenue for fretting unnecessarily. Very useful training tool.

    Issues. Lattter models none. the battery seems to last a good time, theyre simplicity itself to use and I've found them a very useful training aid despite being an old fart whos days of potential glory are far behind me. (if they were ever there at all)

    What i would say is when you first get power it can take a little while to work out what all the numbers mean. buy one, fit it and just use it for a couple of months until you start to see trends. Then read the training with power meter book for a full on geek out. Then start using it to train. Like all things once you understand whats happening things make more sense.
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    Would you consider pedal based? Assioma Uno can be got for £360 from CTUK with DCR discount code.