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Can't decide between three bicycles, which one should I buy?

flyingwolfflyingwolf Posts: 4
edited July 2019 in MTB buying advice
Hi guys,

I would like to buy an MTB bicycle but can't decide which one.

I will mostly use for some off-road drive for my own fun, some city roads and maybe some (amateur) competition time to time.

Here are three different bicycles, the only difference between the first two is the gear set is different and obviously gear count. I have read and heard that 1x12 is good inside the forest up to the hills but not for the speed on the road, is this true?


*Which one you think would be better (in terms of long term quality and spare costs in case if it breaks in the future)

*Which bicycle would you buy?

1. ... -h30-XT-19

2. ... 0-eagle-19

3. ... ato-79-al/


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