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why have I been permably banned

It says I have been banned for one or more service violations or words to that effect. I believe the post was about the push bike incident in which case my view has not changed. However I felt my actual wording was not OTT and would just like clarification on why you would ban someone for venting their view on a judgement that was widely disagreed. I don't care about the details but have any other users posting in that thread been reprimanded as such? Not sure if this post will get thru.
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  • ugo.santaluciaugo.santalucia Posts: 25,955
    Had you been banned, you wouldn't be able to post... me thinks
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Permably you say ??
  • Permably sounds like a portmanteau of permanently and possibly. It looks to me like you defibly haven't been banned.
  • essex-commuteressex-commuter Posts: 2,188
    I quite often get the message come up that I have been permanently banned from the forum. Log on a few days later and it works fine. I've contacted Admin several times asking for assistance but have never had a reply.
  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    Maybe they are not answering because they have been banned? :D
  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    any point of view which upsets the snowflakes is likely to get complaints, too many complaints and you get a telling off.
  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,616
    This happened to me recently.

    I have relocated to the middle east and have also been using a VPN. I got the You have been permanently banned message and could not login.

    I used the provided link to explain what was causing the software to ban me and within 72 hours I was back in.

    On that basis, the forum software and the Mod response was reasonably good otherwise the forum would be inundated with BOT posting selling drugs and illegal passports. These BOT postings have been known to destroy forums when the software security is not maintained.

    My only complaint was that there was no attempt to PM me either before the ban or after it was lifted. Given the lack of active Mods this is, I suppose, not a surprise.
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