Nice wheels for a screw-on freewheel!?

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Hello bike crew,

Wonder if anyone can help me...

I've restored my incredibly faithful (belonged to my grandfather before me) Peugeot 5spd and upgraded most of the gear to a tougher more modern standard. It still uses 5 Speeds, so takes the old school screw-on freewheel. Question is.. how to upgrade the rear wheel? It's got this heavy old steel wheel on it that I feel is letting the rest of the bike down a bit.

Do any manufacturers make nice (double-walled) wheels that fit a screw-on freewheel? All I can find is Wilkinson wheels and the like, which look pretty heavy and a little weak.

If anyone has any pointers at all, that would be great.



  • shirley_basso
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    I guess take the hub off and have it re-laced to a new rim with modern rims and spokes?
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    There are new 120mm and 126mm spaced hubs
    The 126mm spaced hubs take a freewheeling. The 120mm spaced hubs are pricey but have a short shimano freehub. 8 miche 11 speed sprockets mount fine. So with an 11 speed chain you can use a friction shifter to shift 8 speed with 11 speed spacing. -wheel building and other stuff.
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    SunXCD make a nice 120mm OLN spacing cassette hub that will take a de-populated modern cassette - eg 7 cogs off a 10-speed cassette. So the bike would no longer be using five rear cogs, but as I presume the shifting is non-indexed, that shouldn't be a problem.

    Velo-Orange in the US still sell a 126mm OLN freewheel rear hub, and Alex's Cycle in Japan sell Gran Compe and Suzue 126mm OLN freewheel hubs.
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    I was referring to the sun xCD hub. The 126mm hubs are made by zenith.

    I actually stock these things. -wheel building and other stuff.
  • fbooth90
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    Thanks for the replies all.

    I'm not sure I can afford to build a new wheel, and switch to a cassette, although I'd like to give that a go in the future. I'm currently using an indexed 5spd shifter that I got off a kids bike (upgrade from a downtube shifter), and an old 'Volante' derailleur. It works really well and I'd like to keep it as the shifting is perfect.

    I think I might just take a gamble and buy something like this... ... heel_99500

    Unless any of you guys think it looks rubbish :?:

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    A wheel that costs £40 won't be any better than what you already have, and could well be worse.

    I wouldn't buy that unless the other wheel is broken.