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Changing Vector 3 Keo pedals to Shimano SPD MTB

fatguyslimfatguyslim Posts: 7
edited June 2019 in Workshop
Hey everyone, in my last post I highlighted how I changed my Vector 2 keo pedals to Shimano SPD MTB type pedal by simply buying the conversion kit from Garmin. You can read more about that on this link

Today I am exited to share how I changed my Vector 3 pedal to a fully functioning spd pedal. This project was not as easy as Vector 2 and I had to design the pedal body that could house Vector 3. The results can be seen in the images below.




I am working on slimming down the pedal even further but until then I am going to enjoy riding with possible the first spd pedal power meter in the market.
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