Noisy Rear Derailleur - Dura Ace Di2 (R9150)

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Recently bought a bike with Dura Ace Di2 (R9150).
11-30t and 50-34t with 11 speed chain, well lubed.
It is only 3 month and did about 1000Km.

It is shifting smooth and crisp, both front and rear but the noise from the back is somewhat excessive.
Local mech checked and checked but there is nothing he could see out of ordinary or faults.

Do I need to "bedded in" a bit more or is this how R9150 sounds like?


  • Alejandrosdog
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    I suffered from a lot of noise on one bike. Right up to the moment when I slummed it and got an Ultegra cassette. The noise stopped instantly.

  • pilot_pete
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    Mine was the same. Although with an Ultegra cassette from the off! Even though the chain was within wear limits with a chain checker, it was indeed the culprit. A new Ultegra chain sorted it.

    I had originally fitted a Dura Ace chain as I got two on offer for very little more than Ultegra.