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HalasehHalaseh Posts: 2
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Hi all,

I am going on a 7 day ride in July. I have the GPX files for each day, but I would like to prepare the daily schedule and stops.

Is there a tool where I load the GPX file, and I input an average speed, and it can split the ride into sections by time? e.g. the schedule would look like this:

- Ride 30KM then stop for a break (this is a descent so you can cover 30k per hour)
- Ride 10 KM then stop for a break (this is an ascent so you cannot ride more than 10KM per hour)

I hope my message is clear.



  • navrig2navrig2 Posts: 1,810
    Stick into a spreadsheet and get a handlebar mount for you handlebars?

    (Note that this is a joke and I am not being serious).

    All sounds a bit too planned for a cycle tour trip unless you have specific places at certain times (catching ferries or planes). Just work from the GPX file keeping your pace reasonable stopping when you need to eat or see something interesting.
  • pblakeneypblakeney Posts: 24,654
    I use road signs giving distance to the next town. Next town too close? Is the next again too far? Decide. How I feel planning the night before may be different to how I feel out on the road.
    The above may be fact, or fiction, I may be serious, I may be jesting.
    I am not sure. You have no chance.
    Veronese68 wrote:
    PB is the most sensible person on here.
  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    i just get a list of destinations, road numbers and interim spots, remember the key details and get on with it.

    when im in an entirely unfamiliar area i sometimes have to resort to "its in that sort of direction" otherwise its fine

    works for me you might not be comfortable with that. I do the same when i lead rides in new areas, it really upsets the obsessive ones.
  • You could always use RideWithGps and just sort of map out a rough route that you can either stick to or not depending how you feel.

    Assuming you have a cycling computer you can upload the files too.
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