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Middle Salter/ Roeburndale Rd

Anyone Oop North (ok, a littel bit further north than me), know if the surface of Roeburndale Rd is ride-able on a road bike?

Basically, where the blue Google car ends, there's farm gates and a gravel road (I've scribbled in red), that heads south before back north again.

NB when I say road bike, I mean 25mm, close clearances etc, not a gravel bike.

Ta ... sp=sharing


  • overlord2overlord2 Posts: 339
    Yes it is. Its more like one of those post apocalyptic roads that no one has touched for 50 years. Infact pretty much like the rest of the country. :lol:

    Be prepared for a bit of a trek to get to it from either side.
  • Cheers for that. Did a nice loop up around there yesterday, but avoided the road this time. Nice to know for future though...
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