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Shimano 160mm brake adapter fitting

garfy117garfy117 Posts: 8
edited June 2019 in Workshop
Currently fitting some rs785 shifters/calipers, replacing a rival 1 setup. I’ve got a 160mm adapter for the rear (SM-MA-R160DDA), but a bit confused about the fitting. The adapter attaches to the caliper with those funny little pin-ended bolts, and here’s where I got confused…
On the front, putting those in resulted in a satisfying “click” when in place…no such sound here, despite being torqued-up.

The instructions also seem to suggest using the same type of bolt (and some washers), to attach adapter to frame…but as far as I can see these are regular threads with no place for the pin to go. I assume I’m being a humpty somewhere but not quite seeing where atm…


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