Downshift lever not resetting

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hi guys,
I've been riding in QECP blue trail, hit wet root, flew over the bike. Stood up, picked up the bike, and noticed downshifting gear level is not resetting. To reset to start position I need to manually pull it.
Would appreciate if someone can give an advice as to what to check / how to fix. Been googling, youtubing, not much. I'm not so advanced with gears adjustments, can do just basic maintenance.
Thanks in advance


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    If theres no visible damage, first thing Id suggest is to release the gear cable at the derailleur and see if the shifter moves freely now -
    1. If not then theres something damaged inside the shifter.
    2.If it works fine without the cable attached then the problem is with the cable housing or perhaps the derailleur.

    if 1. then unscrew the cover on your Shifter (cant be more specific without knowing what youve got) most will have a top cover and a bottom cover. Inspect the internals and look for anything out of place. Share a picture if you want.

    if 2. with the derailleur cable off, move the derailleur by hand and see if it moves normally, also check the cable housing for kinks or breaks. Replace as suitable.

    For resetting your gears after, youll need to click the shifter to the lowest position, screw any barrel adjuster in, then re clamp the gear cable on the derailleur by pulling it firmly and tightening the bolt. Check the gears move normally and if needed unscrew the barrel adjuster a little until the gear changes properly.
    -You shouldnt need to adjust the limit screws or B screw, but theyre interesting to learn about anyway.
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    How'd you get on?
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    well im glad i bothered wasting my time trying to help
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    lemonenema wrote:
    well im glad i bothered wasting my time trying to help

    :D. I was wondering too
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    He was back last 6 days after asking as well.
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