Stephen Spielberg !!

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Well No, I didn't actually see him at Low Force today. But I was quite surprised to see Colin Firth. I didn't realise they were filming a blockbuster movie there, it all seems very hush hush. I just went because I knew High Force would look pretty awesome after all the rain.

1917 is the name of the movie, it follows the day in the life of a soldier during the Great War. Due out Xmas apparently.

Cracking scenery and the weather held. Just a fantastic day. Bet it was the first time the legendary filmmaker and most of the cast had been this far North. They'll have witnessed the falls at their majestic best. Though that other legend, Ridley Scott, was originally from this neck of the woods.


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    Ridley Scott was from South Shields, just a couple of streets from where my wife grew up
  • Yep, I notice on Wikipedia it's sometimes given as Northumberland but I'd have thought Tyneside or Tyne and Wear would have always been the case. It mentions he lived for a while in Stockton-On-Tees which is where I'm from. I wonder if he's going to have anything to do with Gladiator 2. They're making a sequel apparently. Maybe it'll be shot in the Bigg Market at chucking at time !!!
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    Apparently Ridley Scott based some of the scenes out of Bladerunner on the chemical works at Middlesborough,or drew inspiration for them,I met Ewan McGregor whilst he was filming Little Voice in Scarborough mid/late nineties,he would quite often go to the Tunnel Club an indie/alternative nightclub