Ranmore Common road surfaces

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Has anyone cycled around the Surrey Hills and Ranmore Common recently? I was there last week and many of the roads had been resurfaced (Staples Lane, Ranmore Common Rd to name a few) and there was a lot of lose gravel that made them very dangerous. Does anyone now how long this is likely to last?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    knowing the locals, they will probably keep sweeping it back onto the road as it gets pushed out, to make sure cyclists get hurt...
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    Not just that area either. Nothing you can do but wait for the loose gravel to be washed off. I reckon most of the summer.
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    Surrey Council seem to have littered many roads in this. Highlands Road (think that's the name) into Leatherhead. Even Tannery Lane which is single track so has huge drifts of it leftover ready to wipe you out. Also, the back of Sandown racecourse.

    There were far worse roads they could have attacked and the worst part is the holes aren't really fixed, they're just full of gravel.

    I've not seen Staple / Ranmore yet but heard they weren't nice.
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    Was on these roads last weekend. Coming down Ranmore was pretty sketchy. I think it's just a case of waiting for cars to clear the chippings
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    Was riding around that way a couple of weeks ago. Actually ended up behind the truck spraying chippings everywhere (on a Sunday!) somewhere around East Horsley. At least he stopped and waved us by.

    Luckily it was before they did Crocknorth road as we went down that way. If it had been resurfaced I'd have just turned around.

    Hate it when they do this as the road bumps are still there but now you just can't see them as everything is the same shade of grey.

    Actually saw a bloke run out of his house with a spade, scoop some tar and chippings up and do the end of his drive where it joined the pavement!