the annoying 650B conversion with weird wheel/hub combo :-(

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hey guys im running a cyclocross bike with 700x33 ATM and wants to convert to 650b and run 48mm wide tyres.
the road i ride around is rough and i want it soft and more control, plus im a shorter guy and feeling the bike is too high and at 33mm wide my tow already touching the front tyre from time to time...

MOST annoying part now is. my bike has thru axle front and quick release rear. with 6 bolts disc mount. running shimano 105 5800,

looking at the market, all the MTB wheels comes in Quick release front and rear. it's soo fkn annoying as the only few that comes with thru axle front. it will have interlock disc instead of 6 bolts.

as for the rear, most of the pre-made wheels comes with hub that will accept 7-10 speed or some kind of MTB cassette. it will NOT work with my 105-11 speed cassette. enquire few bike shops, the only way i can get my wheel is CUSTOM BUILT(hand made) wheels. which gonna run me sooo much more expensive than mass produced factory made wheels. its NOT worth it!!! plus the tape, tube and tyres its gonna cost me a fortune!

is any chance i can just pickup some used cheap MTB wheels off craigslist and then transfer the existing hub onto the wheels??? since my old wheel will pretty much be worthless in the used market. this way i only need to buy some new spokes and is it hard to do it urself ? ?


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    These: ... eep-25wide

    Include adapters for all axle types.

    Sometimes. Maybe. Possibly.

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    Presumably your cx bike has clearance for 48mm tyres?
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    You can buy an adaptors that converts centrelock to 6 bolt for most hubs
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    Going from 700x33c to 650Bx48 will hardly make any difference in the circumference of the tyre, so if your toe hits the tyre now it still will, also it won't lower the BB so that you would notice.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"