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Can anyone tell me whats the widest tyre I can fit on the Crossmax pro 29 wheel rim .
Im running 2.3 at present but wish to run 2.5 .
Maxxi assegai and agressor on front .
Think its a 19 mm inner
width rim .
Thanks in advance .


  • The Rookie
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    Personally I think you're maxed out already on a 19mm rim.
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    Yeah as some tyres are large volume and so you might be able to get them on the rim but the ride quality could be awful feeling like the tyre is going to come off the rim etc.

    I've got a pair of Mavic en821 wheels and think my minions 2.35 are about right on these but there 21mm internal.

    Never tried any but a lot of tyres are coming now in wide trail versions
  • foo606
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    Thanks guys I will just re check the specs of my rims
  • foo606
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    22mm inner apparently sorry for the confusion guys
  • steve_sordy
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    This link to a Schwalbe web site shows various aspects of tyre knowledge.

    Click the third one down for which tyre fits which rim.

    All the dimensions are in mm. Internal rim width across the top, tyre width down the left. Unfortunately there is no 22 mm internal width shown, just 21 and 23, but its easy to see what you need to see.
    You can use between 37m (1.46") and 62mm (2.44") tyre width.

    If you go above that, the tyre is likely to give you a floaty feel and the tyre might roll off the rim if cornering hard. I once put a 2.4" tyre on an 18mm rim and it did just that. The resultant crash was not good fun at all!