Bokeh vs Exploro

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Anyone got any advice of the Mason Bokeh vs the 3T exploro?
I'm after a bit of a do it all bike for the occasional commute but mainly road but with a capacity for a bit of off road (more tacks and gravel).

I'm 100kg so the disc brake bikes with capacity for wider wheels are really where I want to go.

The seat clamp put me off on the Exploro, as I heard some bad stuff about it.

Think I might get some more road use out of the exploro as I'd put some aero wheels on it. However Bokeh would work better with a dynamo on the front wheel.

Any thoughts or pointers from anyone that has owned one?


  • ugo.santalucia
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    Wildly overpriced... get a Dolan GXC instead, will do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.
    You'll be hard pushed to hear a bad word abut Dolan bikes.
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  • mrb123
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    I'd go tubeless if planning to do much riding on those tacks.
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    Ooh, never seen them...

    Why's the carbon frame more expensive than the aluminium frame..?
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    I was wondering why the carbon 105 bike was cheaper than the alu version...
  • andyh01
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    I went through the same dilemma carbon v alloy
    I went for the Bokeh ultegra mechanical hunt wheels as standard 700c with G1s in 35mm perfect for me
    Done some blue trails with kids and country parks and also club runs 4 hour cafe runs AVG 16mph easily keeping up with the group.
    I did consider dynmano but in end stayed with the Hope R4 front and rear light but ran cables internally.
    The other advantage over the 3T/carbon is rack and guards ability. I have a rear rack fitted for the commute and planning some tours on it.
    I haven't as yet got a second wheelset in 650b as don't feel need.
  • ddraver
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    I will add that a friend has a bokeh, used it to ride across Europe and loves it. Is an MTBer forced to live places where MTB is scarce so loves the ability to go out for a ride but just head wherever, depending on what looks fun...

    It also looks bloomin' good
    We're in danger of confusing passion with incompetence
    - @ddraver