Bike facility and shower at Basingstoke Hospital?

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A very specific and potentially an "insider" informaiton request.

Is there a good bike shed and shower facility at Basingstoke Hospital?

I'm prospectively booked into working at the hospital for 6 weeks from July. Driving at rush hour in/out of Basingstoke sounds stressful and they're not sure if they can give me a temporary parking permit...

That's fine, I prefer to cycle in rather than get stressed over driving and parking. Great news is that I found a nice 14mile route into the hospital from home.

But I want to have a shower and put my work clothes when I get in.
Also I want to find out it there's a staff only bike shed.

Any fellow hospital commuter here?
PM is very welcome if the information is unsuitable for public exposure.


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    Not precisely answering the question but most hospitals have showers for staff somewhere (for decontamination etc.) but the ones I've been told about are "rubbish" and "minging". Could be better than nothing though, and if you adopt the shower they might want you to stay on for a bit longer :)
    If you can't find one, you could always do a park & pedal so that you don't need to have a shower when you arrive.
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    Sorry, can't help you, have only been to Blasingrad hospital to pick up my OH after she was cut out of her car when some ar$ehat drove into her head on.

    It really bugs me that business's don't make all this type of information available publically. They regualaly state how many car parking spaces are available, but rarely, if ever, the active travel infrastructure available to both staff and or "customers".
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    Thanks both, very helpful comments.

    Hospital website states that there are "bike facilites" but nothing more (just has a "tick" next to bike facilities listed amongst other things like "disability access," "cafe," etc...).

    I'm going to get more info form the contractor (though I don't expect them to know about anything, really). I am too convinced that there must be some sort of shower facility, though I'd suspect it's only for staff with some priviledge / access permission.

    Thanks again for your thoughts.