10speed shimano on 11speed hub - What spacer size???

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Hi All,

I'm a a mtb newb so go easy please.

I have 10speed mtb system. I'm replacing the current wheels and have seen a good deal on a set but they are 11speed.

I assume I can do this but with a spacer? On my road bike I can add a spacer but I think mtb have different sizes.

Any help appreciated. Thanks.


  • lemonenema
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    When Ive bought a new wheelset or hub its come with spacers, Im pretty sure its the same for road or mtb
    heres a useful chart
    https://www.slowtwitch.com/articles/ima ... 3_Rev3.png
  • Brad1974
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    thanks for reply.I thought road was different to mtb? Is that picture raod or mtb? thanks
  • keef66
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    That looks like a chart for Road freehubs / cassettes

    I thought in the MTB world Shimano freehub width was the same for 10 and 11 speed? (Because the extra sprocket is accommodated by mounting the largest one slightly inboard of the hub?)

    Willing to be proved wrong though; I only muck about with road gear these days
  • whyamihere
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    Nothing is ever simple with bikes these days...

    MTB 10 and 11 speed cassettes for 'standard' Shimano splined freehubs are the same width at the freehub. Therefore, if the wheels have MTB hubs and a Shimano style freehub, then you don't need a spacer. If the wheels have an 11 speed road freehub, you'll need a 1.85mm spacer (which will probably come with the wheels if they're new).

    The other option is that the wheels have an XD freehub, in which case you can't run 10 speed, and would need a new XD compatible 11 speed cassette (and the rest of a drivetrain to go with it).