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... or something like that

So I cleaned my bike at the weekend: I always knew it wasn't a good idea - sure the bike looks shinier, but it meant that suddenly I could see the (fairly significant) cracks in the rim of the back wheel around half a dozen spokes.

So new wheels have been ordered: the old ones were from Superstar and have done a lot of miles (by my standards at least) and suffered a lot of abuse (by anyone's standards) - Scottish winters, grotty road surfaces, dirt tracks (with 23s on :shock:), bunny hopping obstacles on said dirt tracks.

So I've gone for similar ones from Superstar, not quite the same bargain at £200 but if they do as well as the last ones I'll be happy.

But what I want to know is - what to do with the old ones? They are clearly gubbed and no use to me or anyone else: can they be recycled? If so by whom?