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What bike is this? GT I Drive Team

MersaciMersaci Posts: 2
edited June 2019 in MTB buying advice
Hello I need some advice on my first MTB. I found a GT I Drive Team XCR? I think. For $150, is that a good deal? I am planning on investment some money on it. Not more then $300-350

Can't upload pics but here is the link ... idraulika/


  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,677
    I wouldn't. It's got top end kit on it, but it's top end kit from 15 years ago. You'd need to be absolutely sure it's been looked after, as some of this stuff can be fussy. New parts generally won't fit either because all of the standards have changed. I'd leave that one to the collectors.
  • impossible to get breakable parts for a once nice bike
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