Cycling on the canal with a road bike, how far can one get? (Manchester)

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I've so far got to Middleton, and also a stretch from Castlefield to Dunham massey road free, I notice that I can get to Wigan way on the canal but not sure if it's all passable for road cycling?

The odd cobble sections under bridges doesn't phase me, just where it gets bud track or anything that may cause serious issues for a road bike.

Anyone have any insight into how far down the canals - manc - scouse land & manc - leeds.



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    I used to commute occasionally between Manc and Wigan by the canal. Wigan - Leigh is fully tarmacced, but I seem to recall it being a bit muddier after that. This was on a Cross Check basically set up as a touring bike.
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    Where are you starting from and where are you aiming to get to?

    The leeds liverpool passes within a mile of my house and from Littleborough (about 10 miles due east from MIddleton) you can easily carry on to Sowerby Bridge and beyond. Ive run the 20 miles to there for Marathon training and it would be fine on a road bike with decent tyres.
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    Salford Quays - Wigan / beyond. Possibiliy exploring Salford Quays - Leeds then back via A62.