SHIMANO FC TY501 crank set

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I have this on my trek 7.2 am i right in thinking the pedals will need to be 9/16 thread .


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    That's pretty much the universal standard for pedal threads. So much so that when you're buying pedals the thread isn't even mentioned. It's about the only thing in cycling that's stayed the same for decades.

    Just make sure you put the right pedal on the right crank and the left on the left, remember the left one is reverse threaded, and tighten them properly. A pedal spanner is handy if the spindles have flats. Oh, and put a bit of anti-seize paste on the threads. You'll be glad you did come time to take them off again...
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    Thank you for the information :)
  • 9/16" is not a universal standard. 1/2" is very common on cheaper or kids bikes with flat plastic pedals so don't pick up any old pair of flats thinking they will fit. Standard bike shop will be fine but suggest you check closely if looking for bargain flats.