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Replacing Cleats - Foot Movement

flypastflypast Posts: 5
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I would appreciate any advice or thoughts please on this.
I have been riding grey keo cleats now for a long time and recently fitted a new pair as the old set were getting worn. Fairly confident the new set were fitted in the same position and I'm happy my feet are straight on the pedals plus I have a little float that comes with the grey keo cleats.
I've spent a lot of time looking at my feet when riding just to make sure the fitting is ok.

However I've noticed that whilst my foot seems neutral on the downstroke, on the upstroke my heel pulls in towards the frame before straightening up at the top. The more I'm aware of it the more it feels my foot is traveling this in and out / flicking motion on that part of the stroke.

I can't remember this happening with my old cleats. Perhaps it did and I never noticed? Should I be worried about this or does it mean my cleats are not fitted correctly? Or, is the motion of my foot natural and the float allows this to happen. My worrry is some sort of overuse injury longer term.



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