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Which bottom bracket?

neilr4neilr4 Posts: 161
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Hi all,

Looking for some advice regarding bottom bracket due to change of chainset/cranks.

I currently run Shimano DA 9100 cranks on a praxis works PF30 bottom bracket. I installed the bottom bracket in february beacuse it closes with screw threads. I previously had press-in cups that tended to drift outwards every few months hence the move to praxis.

Now I'm about to purchase a quarq dfour91 powermeter which comes in 2 axle sizes 24/22 mm or 30 mm.

Preferably I would like to use my present bottom bracket but on one side the bearing needs to be reduced to 22 mm.

My options that I'm aware of at the minute:

Keep present BB and use a 2 mm dia. reducer (whick I could machine myself from alu or teflon) but I don't kniow how it'll fit length wise shoiuld I keep the reducer flange at 1 mm.

Install a sram BB with correct bearings.

Move to 30 mm axle.

I have checked praxis website and haven't come across a seperate aftermarket bearing with 22 mm internal dia.

Has anybody got any experience with this change over from Shimano to quarq/sram?

Thanks in advance



  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    I know wheelsmfring do a sram version. Try that.
  • sungodsungod Posts: 15,235
    the 24/22 is sram gxp

    normally the gxp spindle is clamped onto the nds bearing inner as the crank arm is tightened, on the ds there's just a wavy washer to hold a bearing shield

    you can get a bearing with a sleeve already fitted...
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