SRAM Red Etap jockey wheels

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I've had SRAM Red Etap on my bike for over 2 years and about 9000 miles. Most of the miles have been dry.

I dismantled the lower jockey wheel looking for the source of a drive train noise.

I think I have sorted out the noise and my question is about the bearings in the jockey wheels.

They look to be completely clean and smooth so I would prefer not to replace.

They are the original jockey wheels so I believe they are ceramic - not sure if that is full ceramic or hybrid.

Should I
- leave alone?
- wash?
- grease?
- oil?
these bearings and what with?



  • sungod
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    they are sram's hybrid ceramic

    if they feel smooth fine, otherwise carefully remove the seals, flush out with solvent, regrease with waterproof grease, replace seals, sram recommend skf lghp2 grease
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