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I’m a bigger guy, 6’4” about 215 lbs. I currently ride a 2013 Tarmac SL4 that I bought new. I try to ride 2-3 times a week 20-40 miles in rolling hills usually no crazy climbs. I’ve done a few metric centuries and I’m also training for a full Ironman triathlon so 112 mile bike. I want electronic Shifting and disc brakes. I’m looking to stay in the 6,000-7,000 price range

Trek Madone, would it be appropriate for the type of riding I’m doing? I love the look.

I have always loved my Tarmac should hold out for another? (Nothing available in my size)

Any other suggestions?



  • lemonenema
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    "I want electronic Shifting and disc brakes"
    but do you need them? why do you think they will make you quicker?
    whats wrong with your Tarmac?
  • BigWoo922
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    There’s nothing wrong with my Tarmac, it’s just 7 years old.

    I just want a new ride with the new tech.

    Do I need all of that? Probably not. Lol
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    For 20-40 mile rides I don't think you need a new bike.

    You'd be surprised how little of an improvement the Madone would be over your Tarmac despite what all the marketing says.

    But if you've got the money to burn and it'll make you happy then sod it, buy one.
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    I’m a big fan of aero bikes, I just like the look, appreciate that’s personal choice as quite a lot of other people prefer traditional.
    I had the 2016 Madone, absolutely loved it. Only had it for 1 summer unfortunately, at the time I couldn’t afford to buy it (had an Emonda SLR and I’m a mountain biker so was hard to justify another £7k spend)
    Last year Mrs W agreed my budget for a new bike was £7k, I looked at Sytem six, Aeroad and the Madone. Test rode them all, for a either a weekend or a full week. I preferred the Madone, but think this was more to do with the fact that Trek spent the time to make the adjustments in fit I wanted. I ended up buying the Aeroad. It’s a great bike, it was on offer at under £3k for the same spec as a £7k Madone, but I should have bought the Madone.
    I know one of the guys on here didn’t rate his at all and found it boring. I didn’t share that same experience, i really enjoyed riding it. It’s very good on rolling rides and climbs well. Mine wasn’t heavy, sub 8kgs. I had no problems with comfort for long rides. It was a bike I just really enjoyed riding, made me smile each time I got on it....but then again so does the
    Don’t buy the bike thinking there will be a big difference in times, but if you can afford it, buy it because you can,