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Saddle Nose Wear after 2000km

wolfsbane2kwolfsbane2k Posts: 3,018
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I've got a real problem with wear on the nose of my saddle - over 2000km since I bought it, I've worn through the covering fabric, and worn through 2 pairs of lightweight MTB baggies shorts I wear when commuting the bike, and nervous they'll start going through the undershorts next..

The saddle is a "Body Geometry Toupé Sport", with a "grippy"/"pliush" surface, and came with the bike.

I've never worn through a seat like this before, despite riding over 25,000 km over 4 years - one a solid BTWIN seat on a triban, the other a padded MTB seat.

I'm guessing it's the geometry of the seat, and my thunder thighs, rather than the material - has anyone else had this issue, and how have you gone about addressing it? I find the seat itself very comfortable ( more so than the solid btwin saddle)

I'm obviously looking for a new seat, so pointers on waterproof, gravelly style saddles appreciated.
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