Di2 Issues

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Just received my new bike however being from Canyon as there is a small issue will need to send it back so be some time before i get it.

So the issue is the Di2 after many many diagnostics the short of it is this :

Plug in the control unit to battery and levers etc. dead not a thing, plug in the charger it will either show as charging or error, if it sits in charging mode sits there for hours then sometimes the charge light goes out.

Then if i unplug it cant switch the Di2 on , plug it into the PC it recognises the charge unit but not the junction box/contoller

I checked the battery and there is a 7.2v charge in it .

However one thing that does happen is if i have the junction unplugged overnight then plug it back in to the battery it comes to life but showing battery as flat (4 red flashes) but no gears, then we are back into the loop charge then no response from the unit.

Any suggestions, just that i have 30 days to return it or send it back for warranty , then possibly lose my 30 day return option (I have queried this)


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    Have you checked all of the connections? Are you charging from the wall or a PC?
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