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Bleed edge bleed kit

foo606foo606 Posts: 113
edited June 2019 in MTB general
Hi all after replacing my sticky Guide r with Sram Ultimate I was under the impression that a bleed kit was included with the rear brake ,But all that was in the box 1 mmx bracket torx tool , and majic stealth to shorten .
Some have posted it comes with bleed edge free on Chain reactions reviews .
Question is should have this been in the box or is it a separate after market option .Tia .


  • yonnyyonny Posts: 36
    I think the rear comes with an adaptor but neither with the full bleed kit. CRC might have done an offer at some point with free kit when you buy front and rear maybe?
  • foo606foo606 Posts: 113
    Thanks Yonny .I just bought the rear .Front this week .No adapter in box .May have been included at some point .
    The rear hose was a little longer than expected so lbs will sort that .
    Good rear calipers set up in minutes no rub in discs .
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