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Hackers hijacking website or just me?

Been getting warnings when on the website.
I've done a screenshot but how do I post it.


  • thistle_(mbnw)thistle_(mbnw) Posts: 3,509
    Upload to something like imgbb then paste the BB code on here?
    I've been getting something similar when I tap the "quick reply" textarea on my phone using the Samsung internet browser.
  • thistle_(mbnw)thistle_(mbnw) Posts: 3,509
  • david7mdavid7m Posts: 635
    Same here.
  • thistle_(mbnw)thistle_(mbnw) Posts: 3,509
    I've got the volume turned up on my phone now and every time I load a page it says "congratulations" in the text to speech voice.
  • mrfpbmrfpb Posts: 4,430
    Yep. Me too on my phone. Only on Bike Radar.
  • darkhairedlorddarkhairedlord Posts: 5,003
    Mine is on a samsung galaxy a50, only on this site.
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