Kinesis CX hydraulic upgrade - help!

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I'm new to Cyclocross and off road riding, so the whole hydraulic braking systems has past me by being a roadie.
I've bought a second hand Kinesis CX bike but absolutely hate the calliper disk brake set up. I've looking at upgrading to hydraulic options but it's looking a: expensive and b: a nightmare to buy parts for.

What I am confused by (easily done) is the mounting of the callipers. The frame is flat mount (currently has an adaptor to run the mechanical brake) and the fork is post mount. I've noticed the new Shimano hydraulic brakes are both flat mount front and rear - I take it I can't fit these to a post mount in any way? Therefore, where do I go for a hydraulic system?

The bike currently runs 1x10 set up but upgrading to 1 x 11 should be easy enough if i'm having to buy new brake leavers.

Help me out please….the internet is killing me without helping!!


  • lemonenema
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    My suggestion is to change the calipers to juintech r1 brakes I changed from avid bb7 to these and wished I'd done it straight away rather than faffing for so long with mechanical.
    Really easy to fit and adjust, good power, you don't have to change your shifters, and pads are quite cheap. I swapped the organic ones for ceramic