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Hello all,

First time on here and this will be my first road bike, I originally ordered a giant defy advanced 1 but I had to cancel the order so now iam looking at the trek domane sl5 disc and the cube attain gtc sl.

https://www.trekbikes.com/gb/en_GB/bike ... c/p/23391/

https://www.cube.eu/en/2019/bikes/road/ ... grey-2019/

Now for someone who is new to road riding is the trek worth the extra money?
I can get the trek for £2150 but also might get the cube a bit cheaper.



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    There is very little between the two bikes in terms of spec/components etc and so it basically boils down to which bike you like the look of best and if you want to spend the extra money on the Trek over the Cube.

    I'd personally go for the Trek as I think its a nicer looking bike but saying that the Cube is also a nice looking bike.

    The choice is yours.
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    I have to agree on the trek tbh, I prefer the colour of the frame over the cube. I will see if I can get them doen to 2000 as that is my budget.
    Another question if I may is there much difference in rim brakes or disc brakes.? ( iam a big lad if makes much difference).
    Because the trek with rim brakes is £2000.
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    The rim brakes / disc brake question is a debate that could go on for pages and pages.
    Disc brakes offer a lot of advantages over rim brakes. I'm only 70kgs, I'm more than happy on rim brakes on my bikes. I do have the Domane SL5 disc as well. As a general rule of thumb, on a day to day basis, I don't notice massive amounts of difference between rim and disc brakes in terms of performance. I do notice a difference in the wet, but not in a way that I would say the rim brakes are unsafe, just the disc performs better. Other benefit of the disc brake version is the ability to run wider tyres at a lower pressure. I have 32mm tyres on my Domane and its uber comfortable. Being heavier you may prefer the disc brakes, but I'd recommend trying both rim and disc brakes and seeing what you think.
    Neither the cube or the Trek will be bad bikes. Really a case of what do you prefer, what is the most comfortable for you to ride on?
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    A few other sub £2100 sale bike deals at Pauls...

    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/1320/prod ... ckred.aspx (£1000)
    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/1400/prod ... green.aspx (£1350)
    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/798/produ ... white.aspx (£1900)
    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/553/produ ... -blue.aspx (£2100)

    The Attains have clearance for at least 31mm real world tyre widths, such as 700x28 GP4000S IIs, the newer version of my Cube is more expensive but now has a full carbon fork and Ultegra group (but with a lower spec chainset and slightly heavier but more bombproof Aksium wheels). The carbon GTC is ~9.1Kg IIRC, so ~1Kg lighter by default than the aluminium SL.

    Do like the look of the Agree, but they only have the 56cm left, not sure how my weakened lower back would cope with being 37mm lower than my 58cm Attain GTC. Quite racey geo, which won't suit everyone.

    Only the XL size of the TCR left, isn't this the model that Bendertherobot on here bought a while back?

    Not a great time of year to get a lots of good deals, might be a few stores doing promos this bank hol weekend, for deals you want to be scouring the market from around September through to around March.
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    Thanks for all your replies, just going throw enough bike out there.
    Canyon endurace CF sl disc 8
    Sorry cant link as iam on my phone. But its 2250 so less than the trek.

    What are canyon like to order from. ??

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    'Hello to Jason Isaacs'
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    Good shout on the Defy,
    2018 Large and medium in stock below.....
    https://www.cycle-revolution.net/16519/ ... arbon.aspx

    2017 Medium is available in Paul's for a bit less.
    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/1093/prod ... black.aspx

    And if a Medium, 2018 Pro 1 for just over budget.
    https://www.paulscycles.co.uk/520/produ ... green.aspx
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    Thanks for the link wOOdster I will be ordering the 2018 defy later today.