Decent womens bike for £400. Possible?

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Im on the hunt far a half decent lightweight womens bike for the wife. Weve tried the ones in Halfords but 14kg is a bit too much! Any suggestions please. A hybrid would suffice. G.


  • cougie
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    Decathlon Triban bikes always get good reviews.
  • bonzo_banana
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    You say hybrid would suffice as if you would consider or maybe prefer another type of bike like a road bike. If so you can still get the excellent Contend for £400 plus postage and that is 9.5kg for the medium frame. Brilliant bike for that money.
  • larkim
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    Voodoo Bizango loses you 1kg, but it is a 29er and not specifically aimed at women. Currently £585, but that could be about £530 after British Cycling discount.

    Depending on how small your wife is, the Hoy Bonaly 26" kids bike is light, capable and about £450. But it is a rigid fork.

    The bottom line of cheap / light / well equipped equation is that you get to buy 2 out of 3. If you want cheap and light, you'd have to step down from air forks, decent components etc.
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