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Swap frame size or new bike?

MisterBumpMisterBump Posts: 8
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I bought a Marin Nail Trail 7 eighteen months but it's clear that it doesn't fit me meaning I've not spent a lot of time on it. The retailer encouraged me to get an XL sized Marin as it had good components, Yari Fork, dropper post etc. the bigger size would be more stable and the Marin sizes were slightly under similar models. I'm fairly novice so trusted his advice. I'm 6' tall 32.5" inside leg so probably not too far off the size but I've since found out my ape index is that of a T-Rex and my arm span is 7cms less than my height so the longer reach is very uncomfortable and stretched. I mainly ride twisty woodland trails and it's like riding a barge. I had a Merlin Malt 4 years ago and could whip around the woods really quickly.

I was thinking of getting a new hardtail frame as the components on the Marin are fairly good with very little use. One issue is the rear hub is 142/12 so unless I get a new rear hub or wheel it would rule me out of newer frames.

Am I better to cut my losses, sell the Marin and start again or get a frame and rebuild (LBS would do this)

Any advice appreciated.


  • larkimlarkim Posts: 2,474
    I suppose the equation is:-
    ££ new frame + ££ new hub/wheel - ££ ebay Nail Trail frame
    ££ ebay Nail Trail whole bike - ££ new whole bike

    My gut feeling is that the top option is most cost effective, but it depends on the 2nd hand market for the Nail Trail frame.
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  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    You could do either, but I suspect buying a frame and swapping stuff over might be more cost effective.

    If you sell your bike, you'll never get what you want for it. You could break it and sell everything off, but in that case you may as well just buy a frame and swap stuff.

    Not everything is using Boost hubs so with 142/12 you should be able to find something.

    Worse case, you get new wheels built up.
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  • mugensimugensi Posts: 559
    I'm also 6ft (182cm) with 33" inner seam and have a 21" (XL) Cube LTD 29er. I liked the bigger frame but the reach was a little far so fitted a 60mm stem (the bike came fitted with 100mm stem) and fitted riser bars with backward sweep. The reduced reach has made the steering more precise/snappy and also aids comfort.

    Try a 50/60mm stem along with bars with backward sweep to reduce your reach. It'll be much cheaper than buying a new bike/frame.
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