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PF30 BBs, all equal?

stuart_c-2stuart_c-2 Posts: 805
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So bottom bracket is dead (clicky and wobbly) and is PF30 assuming SRAM as per rest of drivetrain.

Is the PF30 standard universal across brands or do I need to stick to SRAM? Looks like I can get BBB or FSA for about the same cost, any particular brand better than the other for life?

Any experiences of the Wheels MFG pressfit bb? I know the threaded version is spoken well of but you're pushing £60-70 for a bottom bracket. Knowing that if this was a threaded bb bike I would already have a replacement fitted for about £10-15 in 5 minutes just makes all this that little bit more annoying....

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  • swod1swod1 Posts: 1,639
    yes universal across the bike part manufacturers, PF30 is a bottom bracket standard just like BSA threaded etc.

    I would suggest to pay more for one and get a decent quality one which will last in the long run depending on how much use your bike gets.

    The more expensive ones do cost more as there bearings in them are of a higher quality especially on hope, chris king etc.
  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    I got a SRAM for £28 and fitted it a couple of weeks ago. Mine started getting notchy about 1500 miles but replaced it at 3000 miles. If it is a Boardman 29er then check out the rear wheel bearings too. I think they are synchronised to go at the same time.
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