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2nd hand Specialized Allez Elite 2013 or 2015?

al-the-alal-the-al Posts: 2
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Looking to pick up a road bike to add to the stable, but not splash out too much on. The Elite down from £1000 to £350-400 range seems like a good place to start!

What I can't really find out is what the difference is between the two bikes with two years between them. Rims and brake calipers look different, but it's the same Tiagra for most of the groupset. Frame looks similar - I can't tell if different geometries or riding feel.

I'm looking at an immaculate 2013 example vs. a 2015 one which has been raced and has a few (minor) battle scars (including a bit of decal damage on the crossbar which is very frustrating .. perhaps a result of the mat finish making them less protected than gloss over?).

Would love some advice please - my brain is in stalemate. 2015 should be better, but will need brakes and driventrain sooner than the 2013. 2013 is great looking and I can keep it that way, the 2015 has some small chips and a scuffed decal.
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