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Garmin Edge 1000 to iPad via bluetooth

scooterbscooterb Posts: 79
edited May 2019 in Road general
Hi all , just wondered if it’s possible to connect the edge 1000 to my iPad ?

It connects to my iPhone ok but not my iPad , I have the Garmin connect App loaded on my iPad and the Bluetooth shows 2 edge names
1.) BLE_Edge 1000 Connected
2.) BT _Edge 1000 Not connected ?

Does this mean it’s not compatible or is there a way to connect it .

Many thanks , scooter .


  • petecopeteco Posts: 178
    I think that means it is connected. When I connect my Edge 1000 to my iPhone, it shows 2 connections. There’s a reason for that but I can’t remember why at the moment.

  • scooterbscooterb Posts: 79
    Ummm , but When I connect my phone both of the Bluetooth names on the iPad connect and the Garmin says connected .

    Then when I try my iPad the Garmin says it’s not connected , the iPad says only BLE_ Edge 1000 Bluetooth is connected and not the BT_Edge 1000

    I do turn off the phones Bluetooth before trying the iPad by the way .
  • chris_basschris_bass Posts: 4,913
    Bluetooth is a one to one connection so if it is connected to your phone it cant also connect to your ipad. you would first have to unpair it from your phone (or turn bluetooth off) and then connect to your ipad. - a site for sore eyes
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