Selle San Marco Aspide Superleggera doesn't fit on my seatpost... help!

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I got a fantastic offer and bought this saddle which I had tried on a friend's bike with great satisfaction.
I found out only after receiving it that it has oval carbon waist rails which apparently are not compatible with my seatpost (Pro Vibe carbon).

I am desperate as returning the saddle would make me throw in the bin a significant amount of custom duties already paid...

Any ideas?
Is there any way I can have the round clamp fit the oval rails?


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    You can buy these. I've linked to both the 7x9 and 7x10 clamps - measure your rails to see which one to buy.

    7x9:; ... ,9;page=29
    7x10:; ... ,9;page=29
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    whyamihere wrote:
    You can buy these. I've linked to both the 7x9 and 7x10 clamps - measure your rails to see which one to buy.

    7x9:; ... ,9;page=29
    7x10:; ... ,9;page=29

    You just saved my life!
    It's really unbelievable that nowhere in the Selle San Marco site is mentioned the rails size.
    I wrongly assumed they were standard 7x7.

    The rails are actually 7x9.8mm, I guess I should take the 7x10?
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    Use the 7x10 clamp, yes. You may need to use a very thin piece of metal (literally a sliver from a coke can or something) as your rail will be very slightly undersized - There's a chance it will be able to rock slightly even when tightened down otherwise. See how you go with it first though. If you do need it, you would put the shim on the top of the rail so that it isn't weight bearing, it just takes up the space and makes the rocking less likely.

    A related rant: I utterly despise this style of clamp. I've had a couple of them and they just don't work as well as a system which clamps the rails above and below. I've replaced them on all the bikes without a proprietary seatpost which forces me to use it.
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    Thanks again, I just ordered the 7x10 which in reality is a 7x10.3 with my rails being 7x9.8, so there is 0.5 mm difference.
    Yes, I will definitely need some kind of shim, not sure if metal though? Maybe I can use some softer and compressible material which will serve as vibration dampener as well?
    Let's see I will do some testing when I get the new clamps.

    Yes I agree with you, this system is really poor and it surprises me that a brand like Shimano sells something so poorly engineered.
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    Folks, I wonder if SSM has an official statement on this incompatibility issue? I've tried to contact them, but they kept silent. Do tgey have their own clamps to supply?
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    its not SSM - its the seat post manufacturer.

    Ritchey supply 3 diiferent sizes of saddle rails, some Cervelos (older S5s) can only take standard round saddle rails and alternative clamps are available - carbon railed SLRs or carbon Flites won't fit standard Ritchey or the older S5 for example.

    its all about doing some research before buying,.

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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
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    To be fair it is mentioned here (rail size and check post compatibility): ... ra-wide-2/
    This is a 105g saddle - so you need to expect a compromise. I had the same issue with a bontrager and canyon post - they didn’t have a 7x10 adaptor, just a 7x9, so you got lucky :-) I had to buy a new saddle.