Ultegra di2 battery drain issue

k3vinjam3s Posts: 266
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Latest version of ultegra di2. Has the latest wireless unit and was built late last year by myself. Been working flawlessly, rarely needing charging till the past 2 weeks. Was fully charged then did 140 miles over 2 days and was put in the back of a car for an hour trip home. Didnt use it for a week and didnt check battery level as normally wouldnt even be anywhere near low or dead. Next ride after 40 miles front mech stops and im surprised to see red light meaning low battery. 10 miles later lose rear and have to get home in a set gear. Fully charged it again and now after a 30 mile ride im home and see the red light showing low battery again.

The bluetooth connectivity seems to not be working also so cannot even check software etc. All external connections seem to be spot on too. The only difference the bikes been through is being transported in a car for the 1st time.

Any ideas anyone before i have to start taking it all apart?