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7970 Di2 Rear Derailleur problem

kal800kal800 Posts: 6
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I'm Chris, I'm a rider from Poland, on the road for 4 seasons now, training for triathlon.

Have a problem, and I hope I'll find some solution here. Yesterday my rear derailleur run amok. A day before I was swapping a chain, and had a little problem unclipping a chain and might moved a derailleur back and forth during the process. Yesterday I started my training and noticed that I am able to shift only front speeds, on the back derailleur moved back and forth trying to shift and went dead. Back home I tried to reset recovery mode (holding button on the junction) but it does seem to work completely - once it goes down-up, once down-up-down, sometimes 2-3 gears up, but it does not finish the process - the LED keep blinking and I am unable to shift. It seems it goes into recovery mode each time I try to shift and cannot switch back to normal. Also I noticed, that the position of derailleur is a bit awkward - it seems not to be properly aligned, but still I am not able to enter micro regulation mode - I am able to switch it on the junction, but it does not react when I try to align. Front one works fine. Any ideas? Servo motor works, I think that the problem lies in basic alignment.

Thanks in advance



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