Fitting Dynamo Wheel/Lights for commuting

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I commute a few days a week and fancy the idea of a dynamo wheel / light bundle with hassle free lights for winter.

Only thing holding me back is cost and aesthetics of light cables.

Anyone else taken the plunge? Would appreciate feedback.


  • andyh01
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    I was tempted on the new bike. The main thing that put me off was if I wanted to change wheels if going more off than on road 700c to 650b for instance or if don't want the marginal drag on say club run or if got into competing, as only have the one bike.

    In the end, I went for a Hope R4 front and rear light with external battery.

    The bike has internal cabling so I routed the Hope cables through with a bit of DIY..
    The battery sits in a tool leg bottle in the cage on underside of frame.

    Advantages i see are
    Cheaper set up and maintenance
    Separate from wheel
    More light output with brightness options on/off rd
    Semi permanent I can leave it all in places or quick release battery and light units. Currently has n quick release as summer. I might secure lights in place with. Security screws in winter.

    External battery so have remember to charge. I do have two, two cell batteries so I can easily swap out mid ride if needed.
    No usb charging capabilities but 10 mile each way commute, won't charge much anyway but obviously if touring ...
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    I have just bought a replacement winter/commuting road bike and immediately put my old dynamo set up on it.

    Can't forget it. Can't forget to charge it. Difficult to steal.
    Only issue in 2 and a bit years was a loose cable, which required a reconnection of the front light to the cable run.
    My B+M midrange light matches a 800lumen lezyne light for output. Will happily do 18mph on dark lanes, though downhill requires more light or slowing down.

    Tiny drop in speed. I don't think this is an issue on a winter bike, but might on my summer bike.
    Zip ties to keep the cables tidy are barely noticeable on my dark frame.
    The front wheel servicing will be difficult in a few years.
    Have to unclip dynamo to fix front punctures.

    Cost - 200ish for a wheel and 100 for the dynamo kit

    For anyone regularly commuting in the dark I'd recommend.
  • tmr1980
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    Thanks for responses fella's

    So think im gonna take the plunge.
    -I can hide the cables pretty much
    -I prob won't, but if do put some cx wheels on i'll either raise mudguards by removing spacers and leave lights on or if needed can disconnect lights using a connector

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    For commuting, I use the Cycle Torch light. When it came to illumination, I wasn't a big fan of rechargeables. I've always assumed they'd lose energy at the worst possible time, rendering their brightness dubious. These lights have really swayed my opinion! For those concerned with ideal speed and minimum drag, the rear (red) light is tiny enough to sit behind the seat stem without adding additional drag, yet it is brilliant. The front light is really bright! It, too, has several settings to choose from depending on whether you want a steady or blinking light. Can definitely work as a night-time light.
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    Make sure the light you choose incorporates a 'standlight' feature so it doesn't go off when you stop at junctions etc...