Portable Bicycle Travel bags for getting my bike on the plane in Berlin?

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I am doing a cycle tour from London to Berlin and need to get my bike on the plane in Berlin. I am using Easyjet and they say the bike needs to be in a bag or box. I looked into the CTC Cycling UK Plastic Bike Bag on wiggle but it does not seem to provide much protection for the bicycle. Does anyone know any good small portable travel bags for bicycles that I could just take with me on the trip? I did think about finding a bicycle shop in berlin to get a box, but i don't think I would find one near the airport.


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    FWIW, I used one of the CTC/Wiggle bags in 2015 for a few intra-Europe flights and all was well. I've had more damage when boxed, "Out of sight, out of mind."
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