Hanger for Genesis Equilibrium Disc QR 725 frame?

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Does anyone happen to know what replacement derailleur hanger I need for the 2016 quick release version of the Equilibrium Disc? It's the Disc 30 725 steel frame if that makes a difference.

Many thanks


  • redvee
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    Several sites to look at BETD, soshanger and no doubt others will chip in with other names too. Don't just search by manufacturer and model as some frames are listed under differnt names depending on who uses the frame design. It's long winded but search visually too, on soshanger you can send photos of the inner and outer sides of the hanger and they'll suggest a few possibilites.
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  • cycleclinic
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    Madison have them. Just call or visit a genesis dealer, ya know an lbs.
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  • londoncommuter
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    Thanks both but I was hoping for an actual number. I've read tales of loads of LBS making mistakes with Genesis hangers.
  • david7m
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    These matched up my genesis, have a look through or send them a picture -
    https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre ... 0977013888